Donate a Dinner™: Build Your Team and Give Back

Corporate training can be so much more when you’re not only building skills but also giving back to the community. Team building and good works go hand in hand with our Donate a Dinner™ team building charity workshop…you can do both!

Develop Skills While You Help to End Hunger

Donate-A-Dinner-Team-Building-Workshop-LogoIn this charity workshop, your team will be working to donate dinners to hungry citizens right in the area. Every community has a vulnerable part of the population who struggle to find a good hot meal. Donate a Dinner™ puts your team on the forefront of social giving by letting them get involved in helping to end the fight against hunger.

Here’s How it Works…

Each Donate a Dinner™ workshop is designed around your goals. That’s why the first step is a consultation with you, to find out what you’d like to see happen in your workshop event.

The workshop is then created using hands-on activities designed to challenge your team to improve their teamwork skills. Each module is carefully selected so your team is challenged in just the way you want, with the end goal of producing tangible results that are completely relevant to the workplace.

The activities are designed to improve the following skills but of course we’ll customize the workshop to target anything you like:

  • communication
  • collaboration
  • big picture thinking
  • creative problem solving

Teams who really make strides to improve their team building skills will do well in the activities…thereby earning more points. At the end of the day, points get tallied up and converted to number of dinners donated.

Teams who struggle to engage might see a lesser tally of points, and a smaller donation. Our facilitators are incredibly gifted individuals who know how to get any group motivated, so there won’t be any problem there!

Besides, you’ll be surprised to see how effectively a social mission brings everyone together to work hard as team. Real work towards positive change takes place during every Donate a Dinner™ workshop we create…both for the workplace and for the community.

Customization & 501(c) Giving

Another thing we’ll ask you during the initial consultation is whether you prefer to donate via a 501(c) structure. If so, we’re happy to convert team points earned into a dollar figure in order to accommodate cash donations.

We’ll also be happy to talk to you about customizing the workshop to fit your time frame. Just ask!