Happy Tails Team Building

Happy Tails in Your Community

They say dogs are a man’s best friend…

Everyone benefits when pets in our communities are cared for. Why not help out your local pet shelter with your next corporate training event? You can do that by our selecting Happy Tails Charity Team Building Workshop. It harnesses the energizing forces of giving back to the community for a productive day of team building and fun.

Your team will assemble pet care packages for new adoptive pet owners who can’t afford the upfront costs of rescuing a pet from the shelter. Oftentimes, these costs are the only thing preventing a pet from going home with a loving owner, and your team can help!

Shelters Need Your Help

Happy-Tails-Animal-Team-Building-Workshop-LogoSadly, every year, millions of pets do not find forever homes. In fact, more than half of all pets who enter shelters must be euthanized because there simply aren’t enough adoptive pet owners to go around. By choosing Happy Tails, your team can make a difference by facilitating those much-needed adoptions.

Pet care packages include necessary items like food bowls, chew toys and pet collars. These things really add up. Shelters and new pet owners are grateful for the packages you’ll provide, and you’ll appreciate being able to contribute to your community in a real and lasting way.

Your Team is Strengthened in Real & Lasting Way, Too!

How can putting together a care package full of dog or cat toys strengthen your team? Our workshop developers make sure every activity lends itself towards fulfillment of the targeted goal. Happy Tails is really about developing high-level communication skills, so even though teams are solving puzzles to earn items for their care packages, they’re actually working on developing valuable skills.

They’ll learn about:

  • communication styles- how differences affect they way they interact
  • diversity- how a variety of communication styles is a good thing
  • collaboration- how hearing from everyone in the group means improved productivity

We’ll Even Customize Happy Tails For Your Group

Have a particular charity in mind for donations? Let us know. You can donate to a local shelter or the ASPCA…we’ll make it happen any way you like.

We can also tailor the length of your workshop from 2.25 hours to a full day.

Tell us your goals and we’ll customize your teambuilding day to help you meet them. Just give us a call or fill out the quote form on this page.